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Mars&Draft Mizuno

A partnership was formed to improve the market awareness, sales volume and market positioning of Mizuno, a well-established brand, in Turkey.


Mars&Draft Ford Pro

B2B and B2C marketing of vehicles defined as "the future of commerce", especially the All-Electric Ford E-Transit vehicle conversion, were the main focus.

Ford Pro

Mars&Draft Holiday Inn Express

An end-to-end solution was delivered in line with the demands and requirements of the global brand, InterContinental Hotels Group.

Holiday Inn Express

Mars&Draft Beko

A pivotal role in enhancing Beko's sales strategy across multiple channels was performed.


Mars&Draft Ford

With the strength of being an already well-known and well-established brand, improvements were made in all areas of activity, including sales, car service and second hand cars.


Mars&Draft SWM

In addition to the launch, raising market awareness and creating demand for SWM products by using various marketing channels and campaigns were the main focus points.


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