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SWM, ATMO Group, Başer Otomotiv




Brand Launch, Strategic Positioning, Brand Consulting, Creative Strategy, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Motion Graphic Design, Marketing Materials, Photo/Video, Online/Offline Marketing, Custom Plexiglass Products, Offset/Digital/Foil Printing, Installation Services

About: SWM is a brand that combines Italian design and Chinese R&D to create unique vehicles. The brand has a vision of delivering fast and reliable solutions for various transportation needs. It offers a range of products for different markets and segments. When the brand started operations in Turkey, Başer Otomotiv was one of the first dealers to offer SWM products.

Overview: From the launch of the brand, the collaboration was aimed to introduce SWM to the Turkish market as a competitive and innovative brand that offers value. In addition to the launch, raising market awareness and creating demand for SWM products by using various marketing channels and campaigns were the main focus points.

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