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Mars&Draft believes that every project is a journey that requires a holistic approach. That is why it offers a complete range of services from design, production, installation to consultancy. It is not just an agency, it is an all-in-one solution partner that can handle every aspect of the project with excellence and efficiency. Whether the client needs a creative concept, a stunning visual, a flawless execution or a strategic advice, it has the expertise and the resources to deliver it.


Mars&Draft, an ABGG Global Grubu and an ABGG Europe Holding brand, was founded in 2018 by Ata Baykara. Since its establishment, it has aimed to offer a multitude of solutions from a single point and to be a true solution partner. Throughout its journey; it has progressed rapidly thanks to the awards it has received, the experiences it has gained, the technological developments it has followed and its high standard of perception. With its different mindset, approach and capabilities, it has become a structure where brands can meet all their needs from a single point. With ABGG assurance, Mars&Draft has become the official solution partner of many global brands.

Mars&Draft is a One-stop solution provider.

Mars&Draft is a brand of the ABGG Global Grubu and ABGG Europe Holding, which gives it access to a vast network of partners and collaborators across the world. It has the experience and the vision to think globally and act locally. It can provide its services wherever the client is, thanks to its strong solution partners who share its values and standards. It is not just a local agency, it is a global alliance that can serve the client in any market.

Global Network

The work culture encourages collaboration among talented and passionate designers, developers, and specialists who share their unique insights and creativity while fostering a culture of playfulness and curiosity, where employees are free to explore new ideas. Mars&Draft believes that work culture is important for the success and happiness of its employees and clients.


​Mars&Draft is proud to be part of ABGG, a company that has received multiple awards, demonstrating its commitment and excellence in creating a work culture that values teamwork, diversity, and innovation.


These awards are the crowning achievement of a great company culture:

  1. Great Place to Work, Best Workplaces for Innovation by All 2022

  2. Great Place to Work, Best Workplaces in Consulting & Professional Services 2022

  3. Great Place to Work, Best Workplaces in Anatolia 2022

  4. Great Place to Work, Best Workplaces for Millennials 2023

  5. Great Place to Work, Best Workplaces Turkey 2023

Workplace Awards
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