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Mizuno Turkey




Branding, Market Expansion Strategy, Brand Consulting, Creative Strategy, Graphic Design, Motion Graphic Design, Copywriting, Web Development, UI/UX Design, Marketing Materials, Photo/Video, Online/Offline Marketing, Retail Design, Custom Plexiglass Products, Offset/Digital/Foil Printing, Installation Services

About: Established in 1906 in Osaka, Mizuno is a Japanese sportswear and equipment firm led by Rihachi Mizuno. Currently a multinational company, Mizuno produces a vast array of apparel and equipment such as running, tennis, volleyball and athletics.

Overview: A partnership was formed to improve the market awareness, sales volume and market positioning of Mizuno, a well-established brand, in Turkey. Thanks to the process improvement, strategy, sponsorships and athlete marketing, B2C and B2B sales increased significantly. The brand continues its successful growth in Turkey.

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