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Asal Grup


Asal Grup


Company Group and Holding


Brand Consulting, Graphic Design, Motion Graphic Design, Creative Strategy, Copywriting, Web Development, UI/UX Design, Marketing Materials, Photo/Video, Online/Offline Marketing, Custom Plexiglass Products, Offset/Digital/Foil Printing, Installation Services

About: Asal Grup, founded in 1966, has grown into a multifaceted enterprise with significant influence across various industries. The group's expansive operations span automotive, tourism, construction, sportswear and textiles, cable sectors. The extensive portfolio underscores Asal Grup's commitment to excellence and innovation in both domestic and international markets.

Overview: Asal Grup has embarked on a journey with Mars&Draft's expertise in brand consulting, providing strategic support to all the activities and brands of Asal Grup. This comprehensive initiative has reinforced Asal Grup's position as one of the leading entities in all the sectors it competes in. Mars&Draft is also involved in all the future projects and brands of Asal Grup.

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